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Holiday Marine Services

The Engine Room Of Our Business

Holiday Marine Services is the importing and purchasing arm of Uniglobe Holding, dedicated to sourcing and distributing high-quality products to customers throughout the region. With years of experience in the industry, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for producers and manufacturers around the world, offering a seamless and reliable distribution network that delivers exceptional value to our customers.

Our aim is always to ensure that our clients have the widest possible variety to choose from and that’s why we are constantly aiming to have as many products in stock, as possible. Our current portfolio has over 5000 SKUs.

More than 2000 Wine Labels
More than 3000 Beers and Spirits Labels
More than 350 Brand partnerships across the globe

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Core Competencies

  • Exclusive Agency Partnerships
  • Efficient Supply Chain Network 
  • The most competitive price
  • Exhaustive range of products across categories
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